To help foster greater contacts between Americans and Russians, the State Department announced the U.S.-Russia Peer-to-Peer Dialogue Program, which provides small grants to support meetings, virtual interactions, exchanges, and internships between American and Russian organizations.

For 2016, a collaborative project between Colorado State University and Tomsk Polytechnic University was established. The project titled, Territory Identity of Russia and America through the Eyes of Young Generations, includes students and faculty from both universities. To learn more about the proposed project, read the following from both project leaders from CSU and TPU

In June 2016, students and faculty from TPU came to visit Fort Collins, Colorado. During that time, they worked closely with students and faculty from CSU. Then, members of the CSU team visited Tomsk, Russia in August 2016. During the two trips, students from CSU and TPU visited a number of worthwhile places and met many wonderful people. Members of both teams recorded their experiences, using pictures, videos, and testimonials. Along with the pictures that you see on this site, members of both teams submitted their best photos for one of the culminating program activities, a photo contest. Overall, the project brought together amazing people from Russia and the United States, and helped to raise awareness about each other's beliefs, traditions, and lifestyles. But, don't take my word for it, read what the participants have to say about the project!