Are there any cats in the Alley Cat?

Need a fresh cup of coffee to pick yourself up late at night or early in the morning? Come to The Alley Cat Café!

A long long time ago...

The Alley Cat Café was opened in 2002 by a couple that fell in love with Fort Collins. When you step inside you'll find yourself immersed into the hipster lifestyle, where everything from blue hair to face tattoos are acceptable. Even our four-legged friends are free to enjoy the covered patio. The Alley Cat Café is truly a melting pot! Another great aspect of The Alley Cat Café is that it is open 24 hours, catering to college students that need to stay up late to work or just take a break. While the location is great, it is the atmosphere that allows you to focus on your work or relax with friends. On each of the ceiling tiles there is a painting drawn by a local artist, giving the feeling of being surrounded by creativity.


Guilty pleasures

Once you’ve taken in the ambiance of The Alley Cat Café, it’s time to order something to eat or drink. The drink selection has a great combination of coffee and specialty drinks at reasonable prices. For food, there are two options. The first option is in The Alley Cat Café. The menu there consists mostly of sandwiches, pastries and vegetarian options. The kitchen is also open 24 hours, so if you’re studying and need a healthy late night snack, The Alley Cat Café is the place to go! However, if you would like to taste some Mexican food, you can walk downstairs to Dam Good Tacos and order one of their tacos. Believe us, the taste of the tacos merits the name!

The Alley Cat Café grows their own tea called Alley Cat House Chai, which is used in some of their drinks, including the delicious Chai Shake. The most popular drinks are Red Eye (coffee with two shots of Expresso) and Sweet Iced Chai. Interested in something to drink? Well, you can find the menu here.

Alley Cat

So about those cats...

The Alley Cat Café also offers several sources of fun that are free to it’s clientele. Among these are board games and guitars that anyone can use. While the idea of board games is interesting, we must admit that not everyone that picks up a guitar is musically gifted. This can sometimes be overbearing for people trying to read or do work. But, The Alley Cat Café is a decent-sized place and has enough seating, so that if you are bothered by the music you can relocate to somewhere quieter.


The Alley Cat Café does its best to maintain its uniqueness through small details like the "Nerd Question".


Answer: Relation aller Fürnemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien (Account of all distinguished and commemorable news)


According to the local patrons, the place can be described as unique, cool, relaxing, comfortable and ...

I definitely like this place. There you can get together with your friends, meet new interesting people, listen to music and enjoy food without any pressure. There is the smell of freedom in the air!

The design of The Alley Cat Café impresses you from the very first time you step into it. Each tile of the ceiling is a masterpiece of art.

Anastasiya Piletskaya

 The Alley Cat Café is a great place to relax and grab a cup of coffee or snack. When you walk in, you will find yourself among an eclectic group of people and an even more unique atmosphere. It's usually filled with students and is a social hub here in Fort Collins. I often stop in late at night when I need to study but don't have enough energy to do it without an iced Chai Latte from the Alley Cat! 

Broc Bainter


The Alley Cat Café is located near the corner of Laurel Street and College Avenue, across the street from Colorado State University. To find the cafe, walk along Laurel Street and turn down Dalzell Alley, which is between the Ras-Ka restaurant and Laurel Street Emporium. The Alley Cat Café is located on the second floor. There are the two entrances: the first is a stairway located outside and the second is through the ground floor of Dam Good Tacos.

One more thing

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Hipster - a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream (Google).
Four-legged friend - an animal that is regarded as a good friend, usually a dog or a horse ( Melting pot - a place where different peoples, styles, theories, etc., are mixed together (Google).
Guilty pleasures - something, such as a movie, television program, or piece of music, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard (Google).
Pastry -  a dough of flour, water and shortening that may be savory or sweetened (Wikipedia).
Merit - to deserve or to be worthy of something (Google). Patron - a customer, especially a regular one, of a store, restaurant, or theater (Goggle).
Emporium - a large retail store selling a wide variety of goods (Google).

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