Open-air concerts are very popular in America.  One such venue can be found at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre, situated in the rugged hills of Northern Colorado.

It begins with Mishawaka

This open-air music venue is unique as its historical roots have burrowed through the hills of Colorado for over 100 years. As well, it sits alongside the infamous Cache La Poudre River. If you want to hear eclectic and various styles of music in this open-air setting while sitting along a river in the rugged Rocky Mountains, you should visit "The Mish" - a nick-name used by the locals and frequent visitors. The Mish has become a well-known music spot in Colorado. The ambiance is magic as the sun falls behind the hills. While the sublime music is thundering through the mountains, one is able to enjoy a feast of various foods including Rocky Mountain Oysters, a delicacy.

In 1916, a musician by the name of Walter S. Thompson, discovered this region, which he christened Mishawaka, and initiated a dance hall in the hills of the Poudre Canyon. He made this place his home and eventually it was spun into a riverside, open-air music venue, which has been frequented by visitors throughout the years. The Mish has had its troubles throughout the years, but one memorable event occurred in June of 2012. The High Park Fire was sparked in the hills of the Poudre Canyon. All employees of The Mish were evacuated. They all felt that all was lost as they waited to return to The Mish. When they were released to venture back into the Canyon, they discovered that the flames of the High Park Fire did not consume the 96-year history. A firefighter left a note on the bar for the owners, which read, “Long Live the Mish.” This demonstrates how much The Mish is loved by the community.

(Source:  http://www.themishawaka.com/info/history/)

A place where you can enjoy your meal

Nature of Mishawaka (Source: www.mishawaka.com)


One attractive feature (among many) of the Mish, as some would say, is that it offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the year. So, while you are attending a concert, you can munch on a plethora of various foods sitting along the prominent river. [Menu].

What is happening there?

Atmosphere of Mishawaka. (Source: www.mishawaka.com)

(Source:  www.mishawaka.com)

The music of the Mish is eclectic with an inimitable company of performers who have visited these hills over the many years along with its countless followers. Performers such as The Technicolor Tone Factory and Billy Changer and Wire Faces as well as Dead Floyd have frequented the Mish. So then imagine sitting near the river, the sun falls behind the hills, the lights continue to gleam through the night all the while music composes as the crowd dines on all sorts of fares. [Shuttle and Parking] - [Schedule of events and how to Purchase Tickets]

Things to do at or around Mishawaka

Source: www.mishawaka.com


  • Have you ever wanted to play an instrument in front of crowds of people cheering you on? Mishawaka has an Open Jam session you are be able to join during the Spring and Summer months on Thursday evenings starting at 8pm. A fun perk for "jammers" is free beer!
  • Visit a similar concert venue as The Mish, The Lagoon Series, at Colorado State University every Wednesday night during the summer months. [See more information below.]
  • Local camp sites and lodging are available for those who would like to have an adventure in the mountains of Colorado. [Click here for more information on where to stay].
  • Cameron Pass is another "hot spot" for locals and visitors. Various hiking trails are weaved throughout the pass.


The Many Sounds of Mishawaka


Various bands have frequented this hot spot throughout the years with eclectic sounds that have roared throughout the mountains. Click the bands below to listen to a few of those sounds that have captured the hearts of Coloradans and other guests to this area.

Toad the Wet Sprocket


Guthrie Brown

The Railbenders

Band of Horses

The Lagoon Series

If you are unable to venture into the Poudre Canyon this summer to experience The Mish, check out this local hot spot, The Lagoon Series at Colorado State University.

The Lagoon Summer Concert Series was initiated on the campus of Colorado State University over 22 years ago. Locals have frequented this open air concert venue along with their furry little friends. There are various bands and musicians that entertain at this venue every summer. All parties are welcome to attend from June through August every Wednesday starting at 6:00pm. Come and enjoy the mouth-watering food that is offered by local food trucks and vendors.


Elena Kharapudchenko with dog on open-air concert (Photo by Anastasiya Piletskaya )


"I was very lucky to be at a concert by Wendy Woo in Lagoon Park on June 15. I am sure that the form of an open air concert is thebest form of concert, because you can even lay down on the grass. It was so majestic at this event. The atmosphere here is very special. Everything speaks of happiness and joy of all Americans: they are dancing, laughing, and enjoying this atmosphere. Children run barefoot on the grass and have fun all with a grin on their faces. People come to open air concerts to enjoy the music and they bring along with them their chairs and blankets. Also, Americans come here with their dogs, so that they could also enjoy. Here you can buy traditional American food and drinks. I never have visited Mishawaka. And I suppose that it is also a very amazing event. I found out that this festival has a breathtaking atmosphere, which causes deep emotions. I am sure that I will visit Mishawaka. I am dreaming..." (Written by:  Elena Kharapudchenko, Tomsk, Russia)




Jenny Stetson Strange

Elena Kharapudchenko


Hillside - the side or slope of a hill

Ambience - the character and atmosphere of a place

Hot Spot -a place of entertainment

Open Jam - a live musical performance open to amateur musicians

Event Location

  • https://mishawaka.com/
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