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The history of Fort Collins is rich with western lore, generations-old stories, and eccentric historical characters. Legend has it that in the early 1800s, French-Canadian fur traders were caught in a tremendous snowstorm. To lighten their load, they buried large amounts of gunpowder (“poudre” in French) in a hiding place (“cache”) along the banks of a river – the Cache la Poudre River, which runs through modern-day Fort Collins.

In 1862, Camp Collins was built by the ninth Kansas Volunteer Cavalry to protect travelers and settlers along the Colorado branch of the Overland Trail. In June 1864, a flood sent the soldiers to higher ground near present-day Old Town. Less than three years later, the fort was abandoned. By 1872, the former fort site had a small hotel, general store and post office, a mill, school and brick yard.

The Colorado Central Railroad arrived in 1877, and Fort Collins became a thriving agricultural center. Colorado Agricultural & Mining College constructed its first classroom building, later called Old Main, in 1879, further establishing Fort Collins as the economic and cultural center of the region. The school was renamed Colorado State University in 1957.

In 2005, Fort Collins was named a Preserve America city by the White House.


At first glance

When you first hear about Fort Collins you think it will be some kind of a small village.  But it seems to be much more when you actually visit this city.  It's Fort Collins, where nobody worries about how you are dressed.  It's Fort Collins, where all the little streets are cozy and all the roads lead to Colorado State University. And it's definitely Fort Collins, where you feel like home, like a part of something bigger, like a part of a family that is always ready to greet you with open arms.

About Fort Collins

Food paradise

When you walk along the streets of Fort Collins the marvelous smells from a number of cafes, restaurants and bars catch you by surprise. You simply cannot just pass by all these attractive shop windows without sampling some of the delicious foods and beers.

Practically each restaurant offers you different menu options from which you can choose. If you visit Fort Collins, you will understand that the food itself is delicious.

Enjoy music

In Fort Collins, you might not intend to go somewhere to listen to music. However, as you go walking through the city, you are likely to find a lot of places where you can listen to many different types of live music. It can be typical American country music, or jazz compositions, or pop-songs...or whatever you want.

As you walk along the streets of Fort Collins, you feel the atmosphere of the city through the music, and in turn, the music helps you to feel as a part of the city.

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