Meet the Teams


Tatiana Nekrasova-Beker

Co-Project Director

 Assistant Professor (Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics)

Dr. Nekrasova-Beker is an assistant professor in TEFL/TESL at the Department of English at Colorado State University. She teaches graduate courses in the TEFL/TESL program, including Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language, Language Across Cultures, Theories of Foreign/Second Language Learning, and Curriculum Development in English for Specific Purposes. Her research interests include usage-based approaches to L2 acquisition, the role of formulaic language in fluency and syntactic development, project-based methods in L2 instruction, and corpus-based analyses of ESP texts.

Tomsk, Russia is Tatiana's hometown. She is particularly excited about being able to share her cultural heritage with her CSU students and to help them learn about and appreciate her home country.  


Anthony Becker

Senior Project Officer, Project Webmaster

Assistant Professor (Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics)

Tony is an assistant professor in the Department of English at Colorado State University. He teaches in the undergraduate Language concentration, as well as the graduate TEFL/TESL program. Some courses that he has taught include Assessment of English Language Learners, Computer Applications in Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics,  and Introduction to the Study of Language. His research interests include classroom-based assessment, corpus-based analyses of ESP texts, and L2 writing. When not working, Tony enjoys getting outdoors with his family.


Tamara G. Petrashova

Co-Project Director

Associate Professor (Ph.D. in Philology)

Dr. Petrashova heads the Department of Quality Assurance in Foreign Language Training at TPU. She has a four-year experience of running the project “A Dictionary without Boundaries: Florence in the Works of World Famous People (Writers, Artists, Musicians, Scientists)” (2010-2013). She is a participant of «International Visitor» program (USA, 2001); TOEFL Library and Resource Centre Award (USA, 2008). Current research interests cover the influence of assessment on learning teaching process, ESP assessment, advanced methods in EFL, project-based learning and teaching, and various topics in applied linguistics research, including vocabulary acquisition, methods and techniques in corpus linguistics.



Alexander S. Parnyugin

Senior Project Officer

Assistant Professor (Ph.D. in Education)

Alexander is a senior testing specialist and an English Instructor at TPU whose research interests include teaching ESP and foreign language as a factor of social adaptation. He participated in editing dictionary entries in the project «A Dictionary without Boundaries: Florence in the Works of World Famous People (Writers, Artists, Musicians, Scientists)» (2011-2013).

CSU Team

Broc Bainter

Broc Bainter

I was born in Tempe, Arizona, but I spent of my life living in northern Arizona in a small mountain town called Prescott. In the summers I would spend my time working on my dad’s commercial fishing boat in Alaska. I graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Criminology and Criminal Justice with a Russian Minor in 2011. Since graduating, I have taught English in Taizhou, China, Lavras, Brazil and Nagoya, Japan. I am currently pursuing my M.A. in TESL/TEFL in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Lauren Porter

Lauren Porter

I studied political science, Spanish, and international relations as an undergraduate and am currently pursuing a master’s degree to teach English as a second or foreign language. Aside from my academic studies, I also enjoy learning about horticulture, agriculture, and religion. I am a native Coloradan, and I enjoy spending my time in the outdoors, especially hiking, camping, and growing flowers and vegetables in my garden! I spend as much time as I can with my family and friends, enjoying the simple pleasures of life with them.


Adele Lonas

I am originally from Northern California but, I have also lived in Virginia, Maryland, and Texas, as well as in France and Mexico. I have been in Fort Collins, Colorado since beginning graduate school two years ago. I really enjoy the accessibility to the outdoors here, with beautiful views of the Foothills and the Rocky Mountains. I am presently doing a joint masters degree in TEFL/TESL and Spanish Language and Literature. My other interests include running, bicycling and hiking; and also visiting my mother, friends and goddaughter.


Jennifer Stetson-Strange

I am a student at Colorado State University and am currently studying in the MA TESL/TEFL program; I also work part-time at the Matthews House, a non-profit that serves and assists at-risk youth. I thoroughly enjoy visiting other countries and have done so throughout the years. Lastly and most importantly, I married my best friend, Zane, and it is a great honor to be a mom to two adorable boys, Isaiah and Monty . They both excel in school and in sports. My family is my utmost priority in life.

Kiley Miller

Kylie Miller

I am a TEFL/TESL and French MA student at Colorado State University where I teach freshman composition and work part-time at the Writing Center. With five years of teaching and tutoring experience, my work with and experience as a language learner has fostered a supreme love of words. I have as much fun seeing new things as I do sharing my own experiences and introducing others to my favorite things and places. When I'm not reading, writing, or grading, I can be found on the soccer field, exploring knitting patterns, or enjoying the mountains and craft beer of Colorado.


Sarah Van Nostrand

I am a 26-year-old graduate student in the TESL/TEFL program at Colorado State University. I have been living in Fort Collins for the past two years, but I was born and raised in Middlebury, Vermont. I attended the U. of Vermont where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Global Studies in 2012. It was during my time as an undergrad that I was able to study abroad in a total immersion program in Heredia, Costa Rica. I also enjoy backpacking, skiing, gardening, knitting, and spending time with my family. 

Sam Morgan

Sam Morgan

I’m an undergraduate student at Colorado State University majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Spanish. I also work part-time as a librarian for the National Forest Service. I was born in Bozeman, Montana in 1992 and have lived in the western part of the United States my entire life. In my free time I like to practice, study, play with and enjoy all kinds of art. I mostly read, write, and play music, but I do enjoy all forms of art. I also like to exercise. I mainly run, bike, and climb, but I like just about any outdoor activity.  

Emily Ziffer

Emily Ziffer

I am currently an MFA candidate in creative writing, though as an undergraduate I majored in Russian. I was able to study Russian in St. Petersburg and later in Voronezh, where I worked for two months as a translator. Currently I am focusing on writing short stories, and am also a competitive rock climber. This year I’ll be competing in my first World Cup competition in Vail, Colorado.


TPU Team


Ilya Dmitriev

4th year student of the Institute of Cybernetics

By participating in this project I will be able to take an effort in promoting the development of international relations and to establish contacts with students of Colorado State University for the purpose of further cooperation and joint development of projects on this subject.


Anastasiya Piletskaya

2nd year MS student of the Institute of Cybernetics

I am a native of Tomsk. I am proud of Tomsk and do love it. And I would like to share my love with others and show them its beauty. Also I think this project can help to establish good relationships with foreigners. It's very important today.


Elena Kharapudchenko

1st year MS student of the Institute of Physics and Technology

This project gives a wonderful opportunity to combine the English language learning, traveling and the chance to get Americans acquainted with my native city. I organize tours around our wonderful city and show its delights.


Anastasiya Simonova

1st year PhD student of Yurga Institute of Technology

This project is interesting in terms of extending the range of interests and getting to know a lot of new and interesting things both about your hometown in an unusual perspective and a city in another country, because the places and cultural traditions will be introduced by local residents.


Anna Kradetckaia

2nd year PhD student of the Institute of Power Engineering

I want to be a part of this project because I’m very interested in cross-cultural communication and interaction between students from different countries as a way to erase naturally arising barriers, such as lacking awareness of culture and traditions of the country and language misunderstanding.


Alena Teptyiuk

4th year student of the Institute of Cybernetics

I want to know something new about other countries and I would like to show foreigners the wealth of our country and our city. There are a lot of monuments and theatres that reflect the Russian history, parks and gardens, where plants grow even in the harsh climate. I am proud of my country and I think it will help me to show all its spectacular places.


Olga Lobankova

2nd year PhD student of the Institute of High Technology Physics

All around the world you can meet someone who knows about Tomsk and can tell you something! It is amazing! But of course there are people who have never heard even the name of my town. This time you want to share your emotions and your view of the place with others!


Andrei Zviagin

3rd year student of the Institute of Physics and Technology

Participation in this project will allow me to meet and talk to new people in Russia and the United States. I could learn a lot about the culture, traditions and mentality of residents of the State of Colorado. I will also be able to improve my foreign language by communicating with native speakers.