A Brief History



In order to reach Cameron Pass from the east, one must travel up Colorado Highway 14, also known as the Cache la Poudre River Canyon (or the Poudre Canyon, as locals call it). The Poudre Canyon is full of rich history.

1500s-1700s: French and Spanish explorers struggled for control of the area

1803: Larimer County (and the Poudre canyon) were part of the large land purchase of the U.S. from the French, called the Louisiana Purchase

Early 1800s: Trappers began to explore the area (beaver pelts were in high demand)

Mid 1800s: Discoveries of gold in Colorado drew explorers

Fort Collins served as an agricultural hub and pathway to gold camps. The area remained popular for mountain men, travelers, and explorers, and continued to grow. In 1864 it was founded as a military camp, set up to protect the Cherokee Trail and guard the railroad (Overland Stage Line)

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